Thursday, 23 October 2014

Gmail, Google Now and Google Calendar collide - welcome to inbox

My main hope is this will improve the management and workflow of emails, plus calendar which has become invaluable to organizing my day to day things.

Meet your new inbox.
Built on everything that we've learned from Gmail, Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.  Note, like the original Gmail, it is invite only at the moment.

Review from The Next Web
Review from The Week

Main web site:

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Google aquires Firebase to add store and sync data to its portfolio of tools for Android developers

Google today announced that it has acquired Firebase, a backend service that helps developers build realtime apps for iOS, Android and the web that can store and sync data instantly. Firebase currently has almost 110,000 registered developers on its platform and the Firebase team says that the service will continue to work as before and remain platform-agnostic.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Google adds machine learning to docs to compete with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning,

Google had Autofill capability  that can figure out day of the week, a date in a month, or a number in sequential order. Now, with the Smart Autofill add-on, Google is do much more with numbers and words by drawing on its Prediction API, an application programming interface that considers existing numbers or categories and then creates a model to make reasonable approximations.

What it does: 
Autofills one column of data based on the values of the other columns.Smart Autofill add-on uses Machine Learning via the Google Prediction API ( to fill missing values in a column of data, based on other data in the column and the data in adjacent columns.
It will look for patterns in the rows of data where there are values present in the column, and apply them to fill in the missing values of the column.
The capability competes with Tech giant Microsoft's already announced Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Google invests in Magic Leap to compete with Facebook's Oculus Rift.

Google and other investors are planning a huge investment in Magic Leap, a secretive but boastful company building hardware and software it says will deliver “cinematic reality.”
Magic Leap have given some hints about what they’re working on, though: They say they can deliver a more realistic 3-D experience than the kind offered by current technologies, including Oculus Rift, the 3-D headset; Facebook bought Oculus VR for $2 billion earlier this year.

Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization - phone video stability without spending $10,000?

With the Instagram Hyperlapse app, we were able to stabilize our video without spending $10,000 on film equipment.

Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization

Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization: Bonus test footage

Google Express - do big things come from small beginnings?

Google may be way behind Amazon, but it does not mean that it is interested in the physical and is currently planning to expand the Google Express service to deliver goods to people in North America.

Starting today, we’re expanding to three new cities: Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Across all our cities, more than 7 million people can now access our same-day delivery service, and in Northern California almost 12 million can use our next-day service.

Eric Schmidt: "Many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon," he said in a speech in Berlin.

"People don't think of Amazon as search, but if you are looking for something to buy, you are more often than not looking for it on Amazon," he said.

"They are obviously more focused on the commerce side of the equation, but, at their roots, they are answering users' questions and searches, just as we are."

Monday, 6 October 2014

Google use Material Design for unification and convergence

One of the things I like about Google is they continue to experiment and improve performance of their products. As Google strengthens their platform approach, unification and convergence are the name of the game. To that end they have been developing a standard approach to interface language. Called Material Design, which is inspired by the look of paper and ink. The interface is flat, colourful and reactive to a user’s input, intended to make the user experience seamless and simple.

Google have developed this to enable a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes, from mobile, touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard. The first examples of this unified interface are set to arrive with the next version of Android, 5L (name to be confirmed).

To find out more check out

Demo of Material Design concepts of 5L developer preview

Material design

Android apps on ChromeOS use ARChon

One assumes that Google will be completing there announced port of Android applications to run on ChromeOS to strengthen that offering. We might even see convergence of the two OS's at some point. Meantime a devloper called "Vladikoff" has provided a hack and configuration directions to allow all that to happen now. 
ARChon runtime lets you run unlimited number of Android APKs created with chromeos-apk on Chrome OS and across any desktop platform that supports Chrome.
Note: This can be unstable on operating systems other than Chrome OS.
Warning: The custom runtime will replace the official runtime component. To go back to the official runtime you will need to uninstall the custom one and reinstall the official one.
Tested on OS X, Windows 64-bit and Ubuntu. You must have Chrome 37+ installed. (If it doesn't work try Chrome Canary).

Friday, 3 October 2014

Google announces ‘The Physical Web’ an app-less approach to the Internet Of Things

The Physical Web is an approach to unleash the core superpower of the web: interaction on demand. People should be able to walk up to any smart device - a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car - and not have to download an app first. Everything should be just a tap away.

The number of smart devices is going to explode, and the assumption that each new device will require its own application just isn't realistic. We need a system that lets anyone interact with any device at any time. The Physical Web isn't about replacing native apps: it's about enabling interaction when native apps just aren't practical.

Full details:

Friday, 26 September 2014

Iphone6? Guardian photo guide to avoid bending yours!

The Guardian - Some jeans are just too tight for Apple’s new larger iPhones, but even if you can squeeze it in a pocket, don’t try sitting down or it might get bent... Fortunately the Guardian provides a helpful photo guide for those worried about bending their like Beckham.

The demo.... over 30 million views!

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

Inside Apple's Test Labs

Next stop, how to fix the iOS8 update...

Shellshock - the Bash vulnerability even bigger issue than Heartbleed?

The vulnerability reported in the GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) yesterday, dubbed "Shellshock," may already have been exploited in the wild to take over Web servers as part of a botnet. More security experts are now weighing in on the severity of the bug, expressing fears that it could be used for an Internet "worm" to exploit large numbers of public Web servers. And the initial fix for the issue still left Bash vulnerable to attack, according to a new US CERT National Vulnerability Database entry. A second vulnerability in Bash allows for an attacker to overwrite files on the targeted system

Dummies guide to BASH bug

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Indexeus is a free hacked-data search engine - want to find out if your data has been hacked?

Indexeus is a free hacked-data search engine, a revolutionary account security and consultancy tool to retrieve accounts from hacked databases that have been made public on the internet. You never know when you've been exposed, so Indexeus will provide you with the necessary instructions and guidance to facilitate access and consultancy of such information.

may be it is time to let technology help you create and store passwords securely

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

MIT working on "open-sourced" food

Following on from Soylent, a food designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimum effort. MIT working on plants without soil and limited water, plus local growing.

How do you tackle the world food crisis? Scientists at MIT are growing food using aeroponics, a system that produces plants without soil.

Saving the future with open-sourced food - Detours: Season 2, Episode 1

Looking for the best password storage tool?

What is KeePass?
Today you need to remember many passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account, your website's FTP password, online passwords (like website member account), etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. Also, you should use different passwords for each account. Because if you use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password you have a problem... A serious problem. The thief would have access to your e-mail account, website, etc. Unimaginable.

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). For more information, see the features page

Intel reveal world’s smallest standalone wireless modem ready for the internet of things

Intel  reveal world’s smallest standalone wireless modem for connecting the Internet of things, or everyday things that are connected to the web like coffee machines that you can turn on with a mobile app.

The Intel XMM 6255 3G modem is a chip that connects a device to a cellular network, which in turn can link billions of interconnected smart devices such as wearables, sensors, and industrial equipment. The chip is a little larger than a US penny.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

China has second attempt at their own Linux based OS

China is planning its own desktop and mobile software to oust imported rivals from Microsoft, Apple and Google.   The unnamed desktop version is due for release in October with its own app store, independent of western companies, with a version for smartphones and tablets due in three to five years.
China has tried to create its own operating system (OS) software stack before back in 2000 with the Linux based OS called Red Flag for use in schools and government.

Nixie Pixel starts Patreon Channel for Linux and Open source advocation

Linux and Open source advocate Nixie Pixel (aka Nicole Allen) has set up a Patreon Channel to help fund full time video content development. With 801 patrons Nicole has raised $8,485.05 per month.

Nixie Pixel: So I did this thing.. None of it would have been possible without you! Miss the live stream yesterday? Don't worry, I recorded it for you. It's a bit nuts. You have been warned:

You are Not a Number

Sony: To get hacked once seems like misfortune; to get hacked twice seems like carelessness?

To get hacked once seems like misfortune; to get hacked twice seems like carelessness?

Sony has said that no consumer information was taken, but the company said in a its' networks were overwhelmed. The attackers may not broken into the firm store of personal and financial information of its millions of users... but this is sure to make people think twice about storing information on the Sony platform. In 2011 Sony lost approximately 77 million customers' personal and financial information.

Amazon: beats Google to the draw and buys gamer website Twitch or $970

Jeff Bezos is ramping up Inc. (AMZN)’s entertainment ambitions, buying video-game service Twitch Interactive Inc. in one of its biggest-ever acquisitions.

Amazon said it’s paying $970 million in cash for the online gathering place for gamers. The deal, which trumped Google Inc.’s pursuit of the startup, is worth about $1.1 billion when including retention-related payouts, said a person familiar with the deal, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Google to buy game streamer Twitch

Google’s YouTube division is reportedly in charge of the acquisition of Twitch, a live game streaming company, for a reported $1 billion
We don't know everything about this deal, such as when it will be announced and the exact purchase price. We do know that Twitch investors who participated in past rounds are pleased that they will be getting significant returns that are multiple times the amount they originally invested. The deal underscores the value of live Internet streaming and the rise of competitive gaming as a spectator sport — something that draws millions of viewers, can offer prize pools that surpass pro golf’s marquee events, and provides a multibillion dollar opportunity for advertisers.

Google and Spotisfy at $10 billion - not a marriage made in heaven

Google turns down investment opportunity in Spotisfy... and you can see why... If Google charged users $10 per month it would take 8 years to recover the initial investment... Google would be hoping for bigger growth. It also appears that Larry Page is not a big fan of subscription services.

Spotify was said to be asking about $10 billion from Google, which is a bit much considering their $4 billion valuation. That $10 billion represents about $1,000 for every paying Spotify user. There are roughly 30 million using Spotify’s free service.

New YouTube head Susan Wojcicki is said to have been wildly enthusiastic about snapping up Spotify. In December, Google notified the SEC they were looking to acquire a foreign company with a $4-5 billion valuation. That deal never manifested, but it lines up nicely with this report.

Also the Guardian covers the reasons for the deal may or may not work Spotify: seven reasons why Google might buy the streaming music service And a few why it might not, despite rumours that internet giant is in the frame for $10bn acquisition

Please. Stop Using Git...

A subverted approach to telling you just how good Git really is.

Please. Stop Using Git. - Matthew McCullough

A years worth of development and still no beta release... are you working on a [FR]Agile project?

A years worth of development and still no beta release... are you working on a [FR]Agile project?

You might recognise some of the traits.

What would happen if Adolf Hitler attended a Scrum sprint review? Well sit back and enjoy...

Hitler at a sprint review

I see the concept of "water scrum fall" all the time, but I wonder what Hitler would say of it if he was an Agile coach.

Watch and see....

Hitler the Agile Coach

The Downfall of Agile Hitler

UK government makes ODF its official documents format standard

UK makes ODF its official documents format standard

The UK Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude, said in prepared remarks the, "Government will begin using open formats that will ensure that citizens and people working in government can use the applications that best meet their needs when they are viewing or working on documents together."

Specifically the selected standards are:
PDF/A or HTML for viewing government documents
ODF for sharing or collaborating on government documents

The UK made this decision, Maude said, because: "Our long-term plan for a stronger economy is all about helping UK businesses grow. We have listened to those who told us that open standards will reduce their costs and make it easier to work with government. This is a major step forward for our digital-by-default agenda which is helping save citizens, businesses and taxpayers £1.2 billion ($2.05bn) over this Parliament."

Monday, 21 July 2014

Chrome: Project Athena, adds Android L-style design to Chrome OS

Project Athena to bring Android L-style design to Chrome OS

athena: Add a minimal executable for just the UI.

athena_ui_main is a small executable that creates an aura host window
and builds the athena UI on it. This should make it easier to play with
the UI (a la ash_shell etc.)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Photographers GAS warning - drones to provide constant lighting effect

Computer scientists at MIT and Cornell University have developed a prototype autonomous helicopter providing lighting for photographers, which readjust its position as the subject moves to achieve a constant lighting effect.

The researchers concentrated on producing an effect called rim lighting, in which only the edge of the photographer’s subject is strongly lit. They will present the work at the International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualisation, and Imaging in August.

Internet Of Things - malware hiding in inventory scanners a warning of what's to come?

Interesting to read this article devices have been designed to steal financial information. Internet Of Things is fast arriving, but this kind of attack vector, should make consumers wary of the plethora of active devices that are soon to be installed on home networks.

Financial and business information was stolen from several shipping and logistics firms by sophisticated malware hiding in inventory scanners manufactured by a Chinese company.

The supply chain attack, dubbed “Zombie Zero,” was identified by security researchers from TrapX, a cyber security firm in San Mateo, California, who wrote about it in a report released Thursday... The malware’s goal is to steal corporate financial and customer data from ERP servers, as well shipping manifest information

Google create Roboto, a UI font for their entire platform

Google has spent the last year and half sweating over a sweeping overhaul of its UI font, Roboto. This new version is designed to scale across an entire universe of products, from smart-watches to TV's. It is the star in Google's ambitious plan to redesign its entire product ecosystem -- a visual and interactive language they're calling Material Design. "UI's are crafted from images and type," Matias Duarte, Android's head of design tells Wired. "But the idea of having a typeface that's thought out as a UI typeface -- that's not been done before."

Microsoft Project Adam: using neural network to classify images, alegedly faster and more accuratley than Google.

The goal of Project Adam is to enable software to visually recognize any object. It’s a tall order, given the immense neural network in human brains that makes those kinds of associations possible through trillions of connections.

Microsoft resesarcher Trishul Chilimbi works on high performance computing and building large-scale distributed systems. His most recent research with three other colleagues focuses on Project Adam and its object classification, culling a massive dataset of 14 million images from the Web and sites such as Flickr, made up of more than 22,000 categories drawn from user-generated tags.

Using 30 times fewer machines than other systems, that data was used to train a neural network made up of more than two billion connections. This scalable infrastructure is twice more accurate in its object recognition and 50 times faster than other systems.


Introducing Project Adam: a new deep-learning system

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ThoughtWorks Conway's Law organisations design systems which are copies of the communication structures of these organisations

Conway's Law - Conway's Law, that states that "organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations", keeps appearing in unexpected places. One of the key tenets of the Agile Manifesto is "People over Processes and Tools", and we see Conway's Law reinforcing this idea both negatively and positively. Some companies are mired in siloed structures that add needless friction to engineering efforts, while more enlightened companies use team organization to drive the kinds of architectures they want. We're learning the peril of ignoring Conway's Law and the benefits of leveraging it.

Latest ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

Big Data wins the world cup for Germany

Interesting insight on how Big Data was used by the German football to gain a competitive advantage against their opposing teams. SAP are the developers of the system... expect a commercial version to be available soon.

When not watching their own tapes during the World Cup, the German team was studying up on the performance of its competitors. “We also have a lot of qualitative data for the opposition available,” German team general manager Oliver Bierhoff said in an interview with ESPN this week. “Jérôme Boateng asked to look at the way Cristiano Ronaldo moves in the box, to use another example. And before the game against France, we saw that the French were very concentrated in the middle but left spaces on the flanks because their full-backs didn’t push up properly. So we targeted those areas.”

Thursday, 10 July 2014

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display!

iPhone 6 4.7" sapphire display review & scratch test!

The 4.7" Apple iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal display made by $GTAT. Sapphire crystal is used in high-end watches & camera lenses already. Let's put it through its paces!

The iPhone 6 Model!

Satya Nadella - big changes coming to Microsoft - The Verge

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been in the top job for five months, and there's one point he's made more than any other. He's now firmly stamping his mark on the software giant. In a long letter to Microsoft's more than 100,000 employees, Nadella outlines his vision to reshape the core of Microsoft. Here's what it means for Xbox, Surface, and more.

CEO Satya Nadella teases big changes coming to Microsoft

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Details of Android L which replaces KitKat

Android L is here, and it's brought a raft of new changes, with Sundar Pichai, head of Android, proclaiming it to be one of the biggest upgrades to Android yet.

It's going to have a radical new design, 5000 new APIs, will be available for developer previews soon, and it's going beyond the mobile form factor. Android L will be contextually aware of its surrounding, plus voice is going to me a major input source.

Android L is an upcoming release of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. Unveiled on June 25, 2014, and released in a beta the next day for selected Google Nexus devices, it is expected to be released to manufacturing in late-2014.

The most prominent changes to L include a redesigned user interface built around a responsive design language referred to as "material design", and improvements to the notification system which allow them to be accessed from the lock screen, and displayed within other apps as banners across the top of the screen. Internal changes were also made to the platform, with the Android Runtime officially replacing Dalvik for improved application performance, and changes intended to improve and optimize battery usage.

Internet Of Thing: Intel, Samsung and Delldevelop Open Interconnect Consortium

Intel, Samsung and Dell are among the founding members of Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), which later this year will deliver the first of many specifications for hassle-free data flow between devices, regardless of the OS, device type or wireless communication technology.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Verge review the current crop of Chromebooks

Looking for a cheap laptop, check out the review of the latest crop of Chromebooks

This Is My Next: the best Chromebook

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Joli Cloud have produced a Chrome app for cloud storage

Joli Cloud have produced a Chrome app which allows users to access to their files stored in services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. There is a free version, but the commercial version is on a monthly or yearly subscription, but could be a neat way to use up all that free storage, for a low cost.

Facebook build Slingshot to beat Snapchat

If you can't buy something for a few billion dollars, build your own...

Ellis Hamburger takes a look at Slingshot, Facebook's would-be Snapchat-killer, a new app that lets you send and receive disappearing messages, but with an interesting twist.

Exclusive: Facebook Slingshot hands-on

Amazon smartphone on the way

The Amazon phone is coming. That's almost certainly what the company is going to announce at its big press event this Wednesday. So what about this glasses-free 3D experience? How aggressive will Amazon price this? And most importantly, what is up with sending every invitee a copy of Mr. Pine's Purple House? Here's what you can expect.

What to expect from an Amazon smartphone

Monday, 2 June 2014

ThoughtWorks - TechRadar great insight into upcoming technologies and issues with existing technologies

We will be broadcasting a google hangout here to discuss the latest edition of the technology radar #techradar .  Some members of the ThoughtWorks technology advisory board will be in the hangout to discuss the January 2014 edition of the technology radar in an Australian context. Please feel free to ask any questions in advance. Download the latest edition of the tech radar here:

TechRadar Hangout - Australia

Martin Fowler, Kent Beck,David Heinemeier Hansson: Is TDD dead? [Part V & VI] hangout details

Join us Wednesday, June 4th for our final hangout w/@martinfowler, @kentbeck&@dhh. This final hangout will be a double episode (1hr) featuring a Q&A session as well as final thoughts. Keep the conversation going at #IsTDDDead

Keep up with all of the past hangouts on #IsTDDDead here:

"TDD as One True Way" versus "TDD as devil-spawned tempter" is not a productive contrast. Most of us have similar goals for development: confidence, impact, challenge, belonging. Test-driven development is one path toward these goals, but there are many other paths. This conversation in six parts explores tradeoffs in development, places TDD in those tradeoffs, and gives you perspective with which you can decide for yourself how you want to program.


Martin Fowler
Kent Beck
David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)

Asus Transformer Book V - windows laptop,tablet, android phone, android tablet and android laptop... did I miss anything out?

The Asus Transformer Book V is a  tablet features a 12.5-inch HD IPS display and is powered by Intel’s next-gen Core micro-architecture, plus 128GB of flash memory and 4GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 1TB of storage. The tablet runs Windows 8.1 and can transform into a laptop when docked to the keyboard.  The smartphone has a 5-inch display with LTE and will run Android KitKat. It’s powered by the new 64-bit Intel Atom quad-core CPU, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. There’s up to 64GB of onboard storage and you also get a 8MP rear camera.

Samsung Z - the first Tizen based phone

Samsung Electronics has launched the world's first smartphone powered by the Tizen operating system.

The Samsung Z will go on sale in Russia in the July-to-September quarter.

Most Samsung phones currently use the Android platform, but the South Korean firm has been working with chipmaker Intel to develop Tizen as an alternative operating system.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z - $3000 insane video card


GeForce® GTX™ TITAN Z is a gaming monster, the fastest graphics card we’ve built to power the most extreme PC gaming rigs on the planet. Stacked with 5760 cores and 12 GB of memory, this dual GPU gives you the power to drive even the most insane multi-monitor displays and 4K hyper PC machines.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z Product Video

Solar Roadways Indiegogo fundraiser breaks records of funding $1.8 million

36,000 people have backed the project on Indiegogo, with total contributions of over $1.8 million a

Solar Roadways Indiegogo Video

Build Android Apps with C++ using C++Builder

This video will show you the new Android application development with C++ support in C++Builder XE6. Learn more about C++Builder and download a free trial at
Build Android Apps with C++ using C++Builder

Marques Brownlee - LG G3 Impressions - the next Nexus device?

Marques Brownlee LG G3 hands-on and first impressions!

This is LG's 2014 flagship with some seriously impressive specs and a 2560x1440 display. Game changer? Check it out.

LG G3 Impressions

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kent Beck,Martin Fowler,David Heinemeier Hansson: Is TDD dead? - Parts 3 and 4

Keep up with all of the past hangouts on #IsTDDDead here:

"TDD as One True Way" versus "TDD as devil-spawned tempter" is not a productive contrast. Most of us have similar goals for development: confidence, impact, challenge, belonging. Test-driven development is one path toward these goals, but there are many other paths. This conversation in six parts explores tradeoffs in development, places TDD in those tradeoffs, and gives you perspective with which you can decide for yourself how you want to program.

Martin Fowler
Kent Beck
David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)
Is TDD dead? [Part III]

Is TDD dead? [Part IV]

iCon: card-sized single board computer on Kickstarter for the Internet of Things

iCon: The endless Internet of Things experience

iCon is a uClinux based, credit card-sized single board computer with 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, CAN, RS-485...

We have seen many projects that let people turn lights on and off with their smartphones. That's great. But we believe people want to do much more. Imagine you have the most common wireless technologies integrated right on a single circuit board. No more messing around with dongles or stacking daughter boards. The goal of this project is to deliver an affordable short range wireless platform for people to experiment and to develop their own unique machine-to-machine applications. We are proud to introduce our iCon.

HP to add 14-inch slatebook running Android

HP 14-inch notebook approximately $422, runs Android 4.3 and will feature the following line-up of internals:

Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 (ARM Cortex A15 @ 1.9GHz)
14-inch HD WLED touch display
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
HD Webcam
Beats Audio Speakers