Thursday, 22 May 2014

A new surevy tells us what we most want from our mobile devices

At last something 100£ agree with... I would have a bigger heavier phone if it gave me 48 hours of battery life built in!

According to a latest survey, 89 per cent of them want a longer battery life. "The fact that a long-lasting battery is the leading criterion when buying a new phone may come as a surprise," said Ralph Risk, marketing director for GMI in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Fot the full list

The UK government wants the UK to become a global leader in Big Data

UK government announced funding of £73m in big data - with funding split between four UK Research Councils, which will then support nearly 50 big data and analytics related projects. The UK government has marked big data as one of eight technologies the UK wants to become a global leader.  But can UK universities deliver the resource capable of meeting this target?   Tech Radar predict that biggerchanges than adding coding to the curriculum are what is required.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bosch Software Innovations and MongoDB unite to deliver the Internet of Things

"The value of Internet of Things applications can only be fully realized when analysis is delivered in real-time - providing the ability to react and respond as processes are in-flight. These applications call for innovative software development methodologies and flexible data models," said Dr. Rainer Kallenbach, CEO of Bosch Software Innovations. "MongoDB's scalable, flexible and secure data management platform and our market-proven software suite for the Internet of Things will allow our customers to profit from a faster realization of their business models, as well as rapid adaptions and enhancements that are imminent for being successful in the Internet of Things."

"The Internet of Things is now on the agenda of every major organization and is quickly becoming embedded in the operational fabric of all business," said Max Schireson, CEO at MongoDB. "Bosch is an established brand that is already entrenched in millions of innovative applications across a variety of consumer and industrial markets. Thus, as the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, Bosch Software Innovations is squarely positioned to address new connectivity needs in a networked world. Together, we share a laser focus on enabling modern applications that address connectivity needs in a networked world and support new business models."

Bosch Software Innovations works with clients all over the globe to address their connectivity needs in a networked world and to successfully implement new business models today. The company's software suite comprises core products for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Device Management (M2M), and can be used in a wide range of IoT application scenarios, including mobility, energy, manufacturing, smart home and smart cities.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 event in under six minutes

"You've been told to buy a laptop, but you know you need a laptop." Though freshly-minted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave the opening remarks, today's Surface event was all about Surface creator Panos Panay — dropping tablets, playing with scales, pushing hinges, and giving more than a few shout-outs to Wall Street Journal editor (and former Verge editor) Joanna Stern. Here's everything you need to know from the event in under five minutes.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 event in under six minutes

This is the Surface Pro 3 (hands-on)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Human beings to become part of the Internet Of things

Looks like human beings are set to become part of the Internet Of things if the work being undertaken in University of California is carried through to it's logical conclusion... we are the nexus?

A key feature is very cheap radios, etched right into silicon. There’s one in your smartphone. But now prices are falling to around $5. As they get cheaper, it’s becoming affordable to connect more things, like sewer pipes or trash cans. At the University of California, Berkeley, researchers are even designing computers the size of a pinhead to collect data inside the brain and transmit it through the skull. The idea is that human bodies will join the network, too.

Google extends lifecycle of chromebooks and boxes to five years

Another move by Google to lower the cost of their computing model.

Google announces that it is extending the lifecycle of Chromebooks to five years, up from the original four.
This means that Google will support all minimalist notebooks that use the fledgling Chrome operating system for five years, including the original reference prototype, the Google Cr-48.

Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia describing the Google ruling as astonishing

Erasing History is not what the Internet is about.

BBC note

A ruling forcing Google to remove search results has been described as "astonishing" by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

The European Courts of Justice ruled on Tuesday that an individual could demand that "irrelevant or outdated" information be deleted from results.

Mr Wales said it was "one of the most wide-sweeping internet censorship rulings that I've ever seen".

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Meet Michael, he works at a your company. He needs support from IT to do his job, so they cater to his wishes. But Michael is not alone and many Michaels later a Hairball Architecture will grow unless you use Enterprise Architecture (EA) to prevent that. EA is not just about some guidelines and principles, it is a process that makes sure the constant changes that inevitably happen in your landscape are good for your company as a whole and over time, not just good for the problem at hand.

The animation and narrative was created by T36 ( based on interviews with me.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Sparx - TOGAF and Enterprise Architect tool

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is the industry's leading enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF contains numerous best practices and a proven methodology for establishing an architecture capability and developing architecture content.

Chris Armstrong, President of the Armstrong Process Group, will show you how to use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect to implement a TOGAF-based Architecture Repository, including: the Architecture Landscape, Standards Information Base, Reference Library, and Architecture Metamodel.

For more information about Sparx Systems or Enterprise Architect, please visit

For information about TOGAF Training, please email:

Dragon1 - ISO Compliant Architecture Framework

Dragon1 is an Open Enterprise Architecture Method and conforms to the Architecture Framework ISO-Standard

Dragon1 Viewed as an ISO Compliant Architecture Framework
Dragon1-Artist Impression of e-government services at a municipality
Dragon1-Principle drawing 're-use the same for unambiguous answering'
Dragon1 | EA Method is the open architecture method for Visual Enterprise Architecture.
Dragon1 | EA Method is an open architecture method having a focus, next to design and modeling, in visualizing enterprise architecture. The Dragon1 EA Method is especially intended to be used at strategic level by stakeholders such as, board members and CxO's, program managers, policy workers, architects, project leaders, developers and engineers.