Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Microsoft: All Build announcements in 15 minutes

A new update for Windows 10. Bots, Cortana, and more bots. Big changes for Skype. Xbox running Windows apps. Build was a big deal, here’s everything that happened.

All of Microsoft’s Build announcements in 15 minutes

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Java, Android: Oracle still seeking $9.3 billion in damages - it's not over until it's over...

Oracle is seeking as much as US $9.3 billion in damages in a long-running copyright lawsuit against Google over its use of Java in Android, court filings show.

Oracle sued Google six years ago, claiming the search giant needs a license to use parts of the Java platform in Google's market-leading mobile OS.

The companies went to trial over the matter in 2012 but the jury was split on the crucial question of whether Google’s use of Java was protected by "fair use," which permits copying under limited circumstances.

Verizon: Hackers leak data of 1.5m Verizon enterprise customers

Verizon Communications has revealed an attacker exploited a security vulnerability on its enterprise client portal to steal the contact information of 1.5 million enterprise customers.

Attackers were discovered selling the database on an online black market by Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security.

The seller priced the entire package at US$100,000 (A$132,535), but offered to sell it off in parts of 100,000 records for US$10,000 apiece

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