Gmail, Google Now and Google Calendar collide - welcome to inbox

Google aquires Firebase to add store and sync data to its portfolio of tools for Android developers

Google adds machine learning to docs to compete with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning,

Google invests in Magic Leap to compete with Facebook's Oculus Rift.

Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization - phone video stability without spending $10,000?

Google Express - do big things come from small beginnings?

Google use Material Design for unification and convergence

Android apps on ChromeOS use ARChon

Google announces ‘The Physical Web’ an app-less approach to the Internet Of Things

Iphone6? Guardian photo guide to avoid bending yours!

Shellshock - the Bash vulnerability even bigger issue than Heartbleed?

Indexeus is a free hacked-data search engine - want to find out if your data has been hacked?

MIT working on "open-sourced" food

Looking for the best password storage tool?

Intel reveal world’s smallest standalone wireless modem ready for the internet of things

China has second attempt at their own Linux based OS

Nixie Pixel starts Patreon Channel for Linux and Open source advocation

Sony: To get hacked once seems like misfortune; to get hacked twice seems like carelessness?

Amazon: beats Google to the draw and buys gamer website Twitch or $970

Google to buy game streamer Twitch

Google and Spotisfy at $10 billion - not a marriage made in heaven

Please. Stop Using Git...

A years worth of development and still no beta release... are you working on a [FR]Agile project?

UK government makes ODF its official documents format standard

Chrome: Project Athena, adds Android L-style design to Chrome OS

Photographers GAS warning - drones to provide constant lighting effect

Internet Of Things - malware hiding in inventory scanners a warning of what's to come?

Google create Roboto, a UI font for their entire platform

Microsoft Project Adam: using neural network to classify images, alegedly faster and more accuratley than Google.

ThoughtWorks Conway's Law organisations design systems which are copies of the communication structures of these organisations

Big Data wins the world cup for Germany

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display

Satya Nadella - big changes coming to Microsoft - The Verge

Details of Android L which replaces KitKat

Internet Of Thing: Intel, Samsung and Delldevelop Open Interconnect Consortium

The Verge review the current crop of Chromebooks

Joli Cloud have produced a Chrome app for cloud storage

Facebook build Slingshot to beat Snapchat

Amazon smartphone on the way

ThoughtWorks - TechRadar great insight into upcoming technologies and issues with existing technologies

Martin Fowler, Kent Beck,David Heinemeier Hansson: Is TDD dead? [Part V & VI] hangout details

Asus Transformer Book V - windows laptop,tablet, android phone, android tablet and android laptop... did I miss anything out?

Samsung Z - the first Tizen based phone

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z - $3000 insane video card

Solar Roadways Indiegogo fundraiser breaks records of funding $1.8 million

Build Android Apps with C++ using C++Builder

Marques Brownlee - LG G3 Impressions - the next Nexus device?

Kent Beck,Martin Fowler,David Heinemeier Hansson: Is TDD dead? - Parts 3 and 4

iCon: card-sized single board computer on Kickstarter for the Internet of Things

HP to add 14-inch slatebook running Android