Android apps on ChromeOS use ARChon

One assumes that Google will be completing there announced port of Android applications to run on ChromeOS to strengthen that offering. We might even see convergence of the two OS's at some point. Meantime a devloper called "Vladikoff" has provided a hack and configuration directions to allow all that to happen now. 
ARChon runtime lets you run unlimited number of Android APKs created with chromeos-apk on Chrome OS and across any desktop platform that supports Chrome.
Note: This can be unstable on operating systems other than Chrome OS.
Warning: The custom runtime will replace the official runtime component. To go back to the official runtime you will need to uninstall the custom one and reinstall the official one.
Tested on OS X, Windows 64-bit and Ubuntu. You must have Chrome 37+ installed. (If it doesn't work try Chrome Canary).