Google adds machine learning to docs to compete with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning,

Google had Autofill capability  that can figure out day of the week, a date in a month, or a number in sequential order. Now, with the Smart Autofill add-on, Google is do much more with numbers and words by drawing on its Prediction API, an application programming interface that considers existing numbers or categories and then creates a model to make reasonable approximations.

What it does: 
Autofills one column of data based on the values of the other columns.Smart Autofill add-on uses Machine Learning via the Google Prediction API ( to fill missing values in a column of data, based on other data in the column and the data in adjacent columns.
It will look for patterns in the rows of data where there are values present in the column, and apply them to fill in the missing values of the column.
The capability competes with Tech giant Microsoft's already announced Microsoft Azure Machine Learning