Ian Murdock: founder of the Debian project passes away at the age of 42 RIP

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Jeep Cherokee vulnerable to attack over the internet - taking control of car and killing the engine!

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Malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines - unnoticed for over 5 years!

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Security: Department of Defense give $3 million grant to scientists to defend nex gen cyberattacks

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OpenSSL team warns of major vulnerability

Uber security breach 50,000 drivers affected

Microsoft fix 10 year old bug rated Critical by Microsoft... now onto the 15 year old bug

Facebook fixes security flaw that allowed "any" photo to be deleted

XSS security flaw in IE 11 affects fully patched versions

Health insurer Anthem Inc, loses nearly 40 million US customers personal information

Hack of BMW’s Connected Drive system can send remote unlocking instructions to vehicles

Google reveals Apple OS X Zero-Day Flaws

Microsoft's Azure 16 times less reliable than Amazon AWS in 2014

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Heartbleed still active as tax payers get personal information stolen from government run web site

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Start 2015 off with security in mind - so stop using PHP